ORSAY CLUB Membership Conditions

Joining the ORSAY CLUB

Any ORSAY customer who has made a purchase in an ORSAY shop or in the ORSAY Online shop (Germany and Austria only) can become a member of the ORSAY CLUB. If the customer is a minor, a parent or guardian must be present and must agree to the completion of the application form.

Duration and extension of membership

The CLUB CARD will be deactivated if no purchase is made within three years. In this case, the CLUB POINTS earned will be forfeited (see "Points forfeit"). The customer can reactivate their ORSAY CLUB CARD by making a purchase.

Use of all ORSAY CLUB advantages

A valid ORSAY CLUB CARD must always be presented to make use of all ORSAY CLUB advantages.

Collecting points

ORSAY CLUB customers receive 5 CLUB POINTS per Euro when purchasing non-reduced items, and 3 CLUB POINTS per Euro when purchasing reduced items. CLUB POINTS can only be earned by presenting a valid ORSAY CLUB CARD when making a purchase. The later crediting of CLUB POINTS is only possible by presenting a receipt. No CLUB POINTS will be credited against the face value of ORSAY gift vouchers, CLUB vouchers, or CLUB CHEQUES.


From 500 CLUB POINTS in Germany and Austria, 2,000 CLUB POINTS in Poland, and 12,000 CLUB POINTS in the Czech Republic, customers receive a CLUB CHEQUE (shopping vouchers in the form of discounts) to the value of 5 Euro in Germany and Austria, 20 PLN in Poland, or 120 CZK in the Czech Republic. The value of the CLUB CHEQUES will be adjusted according to the points level (e.g. 675 CLUB POINTS correspond in Germany/Austria to a CLUB CHEQUE to the value of 6.50 Euro = 650 CLUB POINTS, while the remaining 25 points will be left in the account of the CLUB customer).


Customers can earn CLUB POINTS in all countries in which the CLUB exists. The CHEQUES can only be issued and redeemed in the country in which the CLUB CARD was applied for, issued, and redeemed. The cash payment of the CLUB CHEQUES and ORSAY CLUB advantages, or any remaining value in cash, or the re-conversion of ORSAY CHEQUES into CLUB POINTS, is not possible. In case of the loss or theft of CLUB CHEQUES and the ORSAY CLUB advantages, these cannot be replaced or credited. Their validity is limited in time, and cannot be extended in the event of non-use. In case of return of a reduced item purchased with the aid of a CLUB CHEQUE, the points cannot be credited back to the account.

Points forfeit

Unused CLUB POINTS are forfeited on the 31st December of the following year.

Loss of the card

In the event of loss or theft, ORSAY members can apply for a new CLUB CARD using the Contact form. The CLUB POINTS earned will be credited to the new CLUB CARD.

Cancellation, resignation of membership, and amendment of membership conditions

Every ORSAY CLUB member may cancel their membership at any time and without notice by written notification to the ORSAY CLUB. ORSAY reserves the right to discontinue, supplement, or change the ORSAY CLUB with an appropriate period of notice, and in the event of sufficient cogent grounds without notice, while still protecting the interests of CLUB members. ORSAY further reserves the right of extraordinary cancellation of the card in the event of misuse of the ORSAY CLUB CARD by the ORSAY CLUB customer.

Data protection

In order to become a CLUB customer, applicants must give their full name, signature, the date of signature, and their complete address (mandatory data). The data provided (mandatory data, voluntary information, and possible changes) will be saved, stored, and used by ORSAY GmbH and the data processing company used by ORSAY for the operation of the ORSAY CLUB. If the customer has also registered for the SMS or e-mail services, customers may change their date or de-register at any time by telephone, in writing, by post, or by e-mail (see contact data of the ORSAY CLUB Team).

Liability disclaimer

ORSAY GmbH offers no guarantee for the completeness, accuracy, or currency of the stated points levels, information, or offers. ORSAY GmbH gives no guarantee of the continued availability of offers. ORSAY GmbH accepts no liability in cases where customers are directed by the Newsletter to external homepages. ORSAY GmbH accepts no liability for damages possibly sustained due to software used for services, unless such damages are caused by deliberate or gross negligence on the part of ORSAY GmbH or its agents.

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