Make full use of your Club Card

On every purchase in the ORSAY-Stores or in our Online Store, you are credited with CLUB POINTS, even on reduced goods. All you have to do is present your CLUB CARD at the checkout or enter your customer number when placing orders on the Internet.

For every Euro/PLN/CZK when purchasing:
- non-reduced items you receive 5 CLUB POINTS
- reduced items you receive 3 CLUB POINTS

Example: When you spend 50 Euro/PLN/CZK on non-reduced items, you receive 250 CLUB POINTS (50 Euro/PLN/CZK x 5 points).

Your CLUB POINTS remain valid until the end of the following year. If, for example, you buy non-reduced items from ORSAY for 17 Euro/PLN/CZK in September 2009, your account is credited with 85 CLUB POINTS, which remain valid until the end of 2010.

Redeem CLUB POINTS when shopping

Your collected points are exchanged for CLUB CHEQUES. These are shopping vouchers in the form of discounts, with which you can Store to your heart's content at ORSAY.

You receive your ORSAY CLUB CHEQUES when you have reached a minimum number of CLUB POINTS (500 in Germany and Austria, 2,000 CLUB POINTS in Poland, 12,000 CLUB POINTS in the Czech Republic). The value of the CLUB CHEQUE is calculated according to your points level. The corresponding number of points will then be deducted from your account.

Example: When you have collected 675 CLUB POINTS in Germany or in Austria, you receive a CLUB CHEQUE for 6.50 Euro (corresponding to 650 CLUB POINTS), while the remaining 25 points remain in your customer account.

You can pick up your CLUB CHEQUES in all ORSAY-Stores in the country in which your CLUB CARD was produced. You can also only redeem them in this country. Your printed CLUB CHEQUES are then valid for thee months from the date of issue, and cannot be redeemed at www.orsay.com.

In the Online Store, you can redeem your points directly when placing an order: You simply choose the value of the CLUB CHEQUE from a list.

When returning a reduced article purchased with the aid of a CLUB CHEQUE, the points cannot be credited back to your account.